about me

In Q&A format, lots of stuff you could know about me.

My name is Kimmi Johnston…I’m 20 and I go to Baylor University. You probably wouldn’t guess but I’m the mommy of a 9 month old…she’s a Pyrenees/Lab mix and she is gigantic. (I talk about her a lot because I’m lame.) I’m majoring in English, and no, I don’t want to teach. Ideally, I want to work in the BOOK publishing industry as an editor, but more than likely I’ll end up doing something dumb like falling in love and popping out babies.

That said, I’m not looking for a relationship right now. Boys are too much work. I’m an incredibly independent, self-sufficient person. If I decide to date someone, that someone is going to be my best friend. Eventually, I want companionship (but, ya know, other stuff is good too!) I don’t like being needed - if you’re going to date me, do it because you want me, not because you need me. I am not here to be someone else’s savior.

And as serious-face as that sounds, I like to be happy (which is why I love being single…) I love to laugh and joke around and be vulgar and be sophisticated on occasion. I’m a huge nerd about Harry Potter and literature, though I have been know to geek out about stuff like the French Revolution, certain movies (The Immortals was AWWWESOME), and VidCon, which I am attending next summer.

I just started learning how to play video games, so eventually that will also be a thing I do. It isn’t yet though. I’m working on it. (I think I might be the type of person who gets angry over things like video games.)

Uh, anything else you would like to know about me, send me a question. I will answer just about anything, but don’t expect me to answer publicly because honestly, you attention whores.

Oh, and here’s my facebook.