new personal life rule

I am NOT ALLOWED to get on tumblr until:

a) I am up-to-date on Glee

b) I am up-to-date on Doctor Who.

The spoilers are not the fault of everyone else; they are my fault because I was stupid enough to get on this website without the proper prerequisites.

See you bitches later.

my thoughts on doctor who (episode: the unquiet dead)

I’m a little bit drunk, so obviously this is the time for another “my thoughts on”! No need for a lengthy introduction; here is the third episode of series 1 of Doctor Who, “The Unquiet Dead.”

Warning: I often refer to Rose as “this bitch.” Please don’t be offended.

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my thoughts on doctor who (episode: the end of the world)

Time for another episode of Doctor Who! Thanks to hulu, I will probably no longer be posting my thoughts on glee. However, Doctor Who is firmly planted on Netflix and hopefully won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Now, I’ve got my chimichangas, a Dr. Pepper (appropriate, I think), and the next episode loaded. Enjoy!

my thoughts on “the end of the world”:

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my thoughts on glee (episode: forfuckssake)

So, cool. Hulu took most of season two down, and Netflix only has season 1 up.

Which puts a little kink in my plans. So, I guess what this means is, I’ll be reviewing Doctor Who exclusively until Glee Season 2 is up on Netflix so I can continue where I left off. I just feel like going on to Season 3 would be silly since I don’t know any of the back story. And going back to Season 1 would be a waste of time.

Sorry guys!

my thoughts on doctor who (episode: rose)

I am about to embark on a journey. I’m about to watch the first episode of Series 1 of Doctor Who. Like my thoughts on Glee, I will be writing down my thoughts (…durrrr…) as I watch the episode. Not all of the thoughts are commentary on anything relevant; some of them are just basic reactions.

The first episode is called “Rose”. Here goes nothing:

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I finished watching the Tudors a while back, which I loved, and now I’m sort of lost. I really don’t know what I should do next. I need another TV show to obsess over.

Then I decided to do “my thoughts on glee”, in which I review episodes of Glee (starting with season two, unfortunately, as that’s all that’s on Hulu…) from start to finish. I basically just post my thoughts as they come.

I have officially decided (like, two seconds ago) to do the same thing…with Doctor Who.

I’ve heard a lot about this show on Tumblr and beyond, and everyone seems to love it. Also, I’m watching these youtube channels (charlieissocoollike, as well as nerimon) which are made by two guys in a band called Chameleon Circuit. The band writes and plays songs about Doctor Who, and I’d really like to support them, but I’d like to see the show FIRST.

SO. My reviewing of shows will now be Glee and Doctor Who! I’m really excited, and I’ve already posting review #1 of glee, so soonish (hopefully) I’ll get the chance to start on Doctor Who!