new personal life rule

I am NOT ALLOWED to get on tumblr until:

a) I am up-to-date on Glee

b) I am up-to-date on Doctor Who.

The spoilers are not the fault of everyone else; they are my fault because I was stupid enough to get on this website without the proper prerequisites.

See you bitches later.


fucking fail.

trying to skip class by hanging out in the library doesn’t work when none of the library computers have the latest version of Flash and everything you wanted to do has gone down the drain. sorry, glee. I tried.

so as usual i’m watching the new glee episode A DAY LATE! but i will be posting my thoughts/reactions when i’m done viewing :)


i cannot wait to be done with this fucking paper so i can go watch the new glee episode.

did I miss something?

Ok, so I watched the last few episodes of Glee season 2 a long time ago and then went back and watched season 1 and the rest of season 2.

but like

did I miss the part where Brittney is officially Santana’s girlfriend?

because people keep saying she is, and like I know they had a thing and I remember Santana asking and Brittney being vague, but was it ever officially established? because I don’t remember Brittney ever acknowledging it as fact or anything.

someone please let me know if/when it became official. danke!

ok so

rachel can’t sing at sectionals. who cares? they’ll be fine. they always are.

and quinn better keep her fucking mouth shut.

and shelby needs to get over herself and be with puck. he’s a senior and he’s over 18. its legal. just keep it a secret until he graduates.

quinn better keep her fucking mouth shut.

and rachel is a dumb ass, but at least she was honest. and i really hope kurt gets into nyada, though i kinda know he won’t.

and blaine is just the most perfectest boyfriend ever. perfectest is a word? wait what? it doesn’t have the red squiggly line under it. that’s…new…

puck no ugh


do people trust quinn? WHY. she’s a backstabbing, Machiavellian bitch.

dont you dare fucking tell her or i will rip your nuts off.


that’s why. :( rachel, you’re an idiot.

and i totally ship puck/shelby. completely.

what? why?!

why does he need to see him in his office??! WHY?


i think my heart just popped a little from all the adorableness of klaine singing perfect. like, it sorta hurts a little.


i hate not having cable because everyone is watching glee without me and i have to wait until its on hulu tomorrow and omg everyone shut the fuck up.

i don’t want to know!

quit spoiling!

(no but really you can do whatever you want…i’m just sad that i’m missing out)


I don’t think I can handle this…Sue with kids in the pediatric cancer ward. My heart!

Puckerberry is a way cuter couple than Finchel.

"Need You Now"? Fucking precious and sexy and adorable and so.much.chemistry.

raging headache

but I’m determined to watch the entire second season of glee tonight. it’s gonna happen.

Why do random scenes from Glee seem oddly familiar?