new personal life rule

I am NOT ALLOWED to get on tumblr until:

a) I am up-to-date on Glee

b) I am up-to-date on Doctor Who.

The spoilers are not the fault of everyone else; they are my fault because I was stupid enough to get on this website without the proper prerequisites.

See you bitches later.

the thing about popular collab blogs on tumblr:

a lot of the ones that have great premises

are run by completely retarded 15 year old girls*

who say incredibly stupid shit (all the time)

and it sort of makes me want to unfollow those blogs.

if you’re going to start a great blog that has nothing to do with your opinions, then keep your opinions on your personal blogs and off my dash.

*I have nothing against 15 year old girls. I was one once. just trying to paint a picture, here.


when i’m trying to get homework done, leave me alone!

quit following me!

just stop, ok?

no means no.


i hate not having cable because everyone is watching glee without me and i have to wait until its on hulu tomorrow and omg everyone shut the fuck up.

i don’t want to know!

quit spoiling!

(no but really you can do whatever you want…i’m just sad that i’m missing out)

sad day

when you realize the homework tag is your life


promise to myself. I promise that after I’m done with this essay, I will write a legit post on this tumblr, which I haven’t done in a while since I’ve been busy posting/reblogging other shit.

oh my god tumblr go away

I’m trying to do homework here

stop following me.

*le sigh*

I need to find a new theme soon…none of my pages are showing up. fail.

I just don’t care enough at this particular moment to change anything. maybe later.

so you know those super obnoxious tumblr surveys?

I answered the longest one I could find so you’ll never have to ask me anything. (also, I’m not going to be a total dick and fail to put a “read more” link…that way, you don’t have to scroll through this shit to see other stuff on your dash.)

You’re welcome, tumblr. I know how you is.

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two new followers today…good day


I should be writing a paaaaaper….but I am still on Tuuuuumblr…

Also, should be studying for my test in (get ready for how fancy this sounds) “Medieval Intellectual Tradition.” Yes, that is a class I am taking and for which I will probably fail the test.

But, ya know…whatever. Also, on my page, I have this stupid link to my facebook which doesn’t actually link. You COULD copypasta, or you could just click this. That’ll work, probably.

Yay :)

tumblr popularity equation

Band of Horses songs + time of the month tiger meme = lots of notes

shit, here I am, just bringing people together.


is tumblr so hilarious today? I completely approve.

note to self

For more notes on Tumblr, post more Band of Horses songs.


I blinked and got three new followers when I wasn’t looking! Hi, guys! :D